The WinteRace provides the following charts:

- Time trials (PC) charts will be calculated at the centisecond, with one penalty for each centisecond of advance or delay with max 300;

- Average Tests (PM) charts will be calculated at the tenth of a second with one penalty for each tenth of a second early or delay with max 300.

The following coefficients of improvement will be applied to all competitors, according to the used car:

The provisional results will be published at the end of the first stage and it should be considered as final results as regards to the elements used when drawing them up.

At the end of the Race, adding all the penalties obtained in PC and PM, with possible penalties during TC, the following results will be established:

    • General
    • Grouping
    • Racing Team
    • Lady crews (both members of the crew)
    • Foreign crews (both members of the crew)
    • Average test
    • Under 30

The prizes of the overall and grouping placings couldn't be accumulated and therefore the winners of most classifications will be awarded only with the prize of the most important results.