Vehicles will be allocated as follows:
- Group 1: vehicles belonging to the period of classification C (1919-1930)
- Group 2: vehicles belonging to the period of classification D (1931-1946)
- Group 3: vehilces belonging to the period of classification E (1947-1961)
- Group 4: vehilces belonging to the period of classification F (1962-1965)
- Group 5: vehilces belonging to the period of classification G (1965-1971)
- Group 6: vehilces belonging to the period of classification H (1972-1976)          

Admitted Vehicles

Participation in the WinteRace 2014 is reserved for cars built within 31st December 1976.
Only 80 selected vehicles will be admitted. In the case of a greater number of entries, the Organizer will select following preference criteria:
•  the construction year of the vehicle;
•  the rarity of the model;
•  the particular aesthetic or technical value of the vehicle.


Start and interval order

Competition allocated numbers, valid for the compilation of the start list for Leg 1 and 2 (growing order of given competition number), will be established following the Groups (1 to 5), according to the criteria:
•  1st: crews of priority drivers (Top driver, A, B, C e D);
•  2nd: all the other crews, according to vehicle’s year of construction.
In the compilation the start orders, the Clerk of the course, according to Stewards will establish intervals between Groups, according to the structure of the Leg. Intervals between vehicles, within each Group, will be of 1’ (one minute).



The following classfications will be published:

Classification of PC will be calculated at the centiseconds, with one penalty for each centisecond of advance or delay.

Classification of PM will be calculated at the tenth of a second, without tolerance, with one penalty for each 5 tenth of a second of advance or delay, according the following parameter:

Scheduled time Recorded time Penalties
10:17:22 10:17:22 0 1/10 0
10:17:22 10:17:22 31/10 0
10:17:22 10:17:22 51/10 0
10:17:22 10:17:22 61/10 1
10:17:22 10:17:22 91/10 1
10:17:22 10:17:23 0 1/10 2
10:17:22 10:17:23 51/10 2
10:17:22 10:17:23 61/10 3

For each Leg, will be cancelled, for each crew, the wrong result (only one time) obtained in PC and PM; possible penalties obtained during Time Controls are excluded from the gaps.

For all competitors, according to the vehicle used, the following improvement coefficients will be applied:
    -  competitors with vehicle of Group 1:   130%
    -  competitors with vehicle of Group 2:   120%
    -  competitors with vehicle of Group 3:   110%
    -  competitors with vehicle of Group 4:   105%
    -  competitors with vehicle of Group 5:   100%
    -  competitors with vehicle of Group 6:   100%

The provisional overall classification published at the end of Leg 1 (see Programme) should be considered as final as regards to the elements used when drawing them up.
At the end of the race, adding all the penalties obtained in PC and PM, with possible penalties during CO, the following overall classifications will be established:
    a) general classification;
    b) group classifications;
    c) Racing Team classification;
    d) special classifications:
    - for women's crew (both members);
    - for foreign crews (both members);
    - for car maker (both members). 


The following prizes will be awarded:
- for the first 10 crews classified in the overall classification:
- for the first 3 crews classified in each group classification;
- for the first Racing Team;
- for the first women’s crew;
- for the first 3 foreign crews;
- for the first crew of the first 3 car maker classified.

The crew who will obtain the best result among Average Tests will win a 100g Gold Bar of 3.500 euros value, kindly offered by our sponsor VP BANK, private bank in Luxembourg. 

The prizes in the overall classification, in each category classification and the category of the priority conductors are combined with each other: the winners, with the most classifications will only be assigned with the most important prize.


Vehicle and crews documentation

To be elegible cars must be equipped with insurance and one of the following valid documents:
•  ACI-CSAI Fiche regularity historic cars 
(Historic Technical Passport FIA)
•  Certificate of approval or identity ASI
•  FIA
•  Certificate of registration to the National Historic Register AAVS

•  Subscribe to Brand registers FIAT, LANCIA, ALFA ROMEO

Vehicles bearing a “test plate” will not be accepted.

Crew’s member must be equipped with:
•  valid Driving License

•  ASN License

Foreign participants without ASN license will receive a temporary license during administrative checks.

Co-drivers can be underage, but they must be minimum 14 years old.

For further details, please refer to the Supplementary Regulation in the section Race Documents

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