Winterace was created for of all those who wish to participate in a classic, unique and exclusive event.

Winterace Srl organizes the race with its many years of experience in the sector and with unmistakable and appreciated style, both in the sporting aspect and in the organizational aspect:innovation and quality, respecting the historical and timeless charm of the splendid cars that make a fine show of themselves and compete in the inimitable and fairytale Dolomite setting, in March, at the peak of the winter tourist season. One of the points of excellence of Winterace is the sporting aspect: the coexistence between detection tests with photocell and average tests (the latter in use in most European races) to “revive” the focus of the competition, not to mention the fun and challenging snow trials. For these reasons, the winning crew of Winterace can really boast of being “the best”.

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    Winterace srl – Largo Repubblica, 7 20854 Vedano al Lambro (MB) – Italia

    Winterace srl  Largo Repubblica, 7 20854 Vedano al Lambro (MB) Italia

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