WinteRace 2024 Regulation info


Registrations open 1st September 2023 and close when 70 crews including ICON cars are reached by 30th November 2023.

Sports execution

In classic regularity the time fixed respect crossing the different areas in which the entire route is divided is the determinant factor in the ranking.

The sectors are settled between two “Time Controls” (CO) which can be detected at the full minute or fraction of a minute, if the interval between the cars was established with a period of less than 60 “.

The CO transit time is detected when the copilot lean the schedule on the timekeeper table. The competitor will have a time frame of 59 “to perform the above operation.

For example, to pass at 10:00, the time within the competitor must lean the schedule (TDM) will be from 10:00:00″ to 10:00:59″ and to transit at 10:00: 30, the time within the competitor must lean the schedule (TDM) will be from 10:00:30″ to 10:01:29”.

In the case of transit in advance or delay on the theoretical time of CO the following penalties are assigned:

100 penalty for each minute or fraction of a minute in advance;
100 penalty for each minute of delay or fraction of a minute with a maximum of 300 penalty.

Within the CO delimited areas there may be precision time checks (PC) and average checks (PM).

Chronometrical precision trials (PC) are measured at centi second (1/100) and the time is detected when the front wheel of the car passes the pressure switch (or photocell in the case of rough terrain or winter races).

PC measurements (pressure switch or photocells), properly marked by signs, may be single or multiple and will be positioned perpendicularly to the road.

In the case of single test the time of entry (opening) with pressure switch or photocell and the time of exit (close) will be detected, always with pressure switch or photocell.

In multiple tests, also known as “chained”, the exit transit time is worth simultaneously as the exit time of the test in progress and opening time for the next trial (opening and closing coincident).

In precision chronometrical trials (PC), 1 penalty for every centi second earlier or later than the required time is given. 300 penalties is the maximum penalty for each PC. For each stage, the worst PC made by each competitor will be removed in the final ranking.

Transit controls (CT) may be expected in certain localities; the competitor must simply stop and an assigned person will affix the transit stamp on the schedule. The exclusion of the race is provided with only one transit stamp missed.

The “Road Book” is delivered for each team during the sports checks, which will be used to follow the race route through a conventional symbols and describes the different time controls (CO), chronometrical trials (PC), average checks (PM ) and the possible transit controls (CT).


It will be realised:

N. 60 precision chronometrical trials (PC) with pressure switch.

For classifications, the cars will be grouped as follows:

A Ancetres (Ancestor): built since 31/12/1904
B Veteran (Veteran): built since al 31/12/1918
C Vintage: built since al 31/12/1930
D Post Vintage: built since 31/12/1945
E Classic: built from 01/01/1946 until 31/12/1960
F Post Classic: built from 01/01/1961 until 31/12/1970
G Modern: built from 01/01/1971 and produced for 20 years

Admitted cars

Only cars built before 31th December 1999 will be admitted to WinteRace 2024.
The admissibility of the cars is with its own autonomous and final decision of the Organizing Committee. A maximum number of 70 cars will be admitted; in the event that a higher number of applications are received, the Organizing Committee will proceed with a selection based on the following criteria:

year of car construction (the fist produced model);
model rarity;
particular aesthetic value or car technical interest.

Order and interval start

Race numbers are assigned in ascending order, according to the car classification period already mentioned, and in each Group according to the year of the car.

The starting order of the 1st and the 2nd stage shall be completed in ascending order according to these principles.

In the starting orders compilation the Race Director, according to Stewards, will establish intervals between Groups, according to the stage structure. 1’ (one minute) will be the interval between cars within each Group.


The scrutineering will take place on competitors request, at the time shown in the Supplementary Regulations, Thursday, March 7th, 2024 from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm

To facilitate the performance by reducing the waiting time for checking the documentation before the race, all competitors are asked to kindly send a copy of the following documents required, together with the registration:

1 Fiche A.S.I./F.I.V.A.


The following results will be drawn up:

PC results
The rankings will be compiled at centi second, with 1 point penalty for each centi second early or late.

For each stage and crew, the competitor’s worst result (only one time) obtained in PC will be canceled; possible penalties obtained during Time Controls are excluded from the gaps.


At the end of the first stage, every competitor has stopped for any problems or has come to an Time Controls with a higher than the maximum time delay, you can be requested to the Director of Race the readmission after the application of a penality equal to 12.000 points.

Improvement Coefficients

For all competitors the following improvement coefficients only for PC will be applied:

The coefficient is calculated by applying the following formula to the year of production of the car indicated on the official documents of the car: 1+ year of production/100. The final sum of all penalties obtained by each competitor is multiplied by the assigned coefficient .
(Ex.: production year 1929 Coeff.: 1+29/100=1,29 Penalty: 500 Points: 500×1,29=645)
(Ex.: production year 1961 Coeff.: 1+61/100=1,61 Penalty: 500 Points::500×1,61=805)

Provisional Standings

The provisional results published at the end of the first stage must be considered final half hour after its exposure and in the elements that have been used for its compilation.

Combined Standings

At the end of the race, adding all the penalties obtained in PC, with possible penalties during CO as well as other penalties expressed in time, the following overall rankings will be established:
a) general;
b) grouping;
c) racing stable;
d) special:
– for women’s crew (both members);
– for foreign crews (both members)
e) under 40
f) under 30


The race includes the following honorary prizes:

For the first 10 crews in the overall standings;
The first female classified crew;
For the first 5 classified foreign teams;
The first Under 40 years old.

The crew obtaining the best result will receive a prestigious Award

Vehicles and crews documentation

Admitted cars must be equipped with insurance and the following valid document:
FIVA Identity Card

In any case, the participation of cars without the aforementioned sport documents is allowed; in this case the penalties acquired during the race will be multiplied by a coefficients of 3,00.

Cars with foreign registration entered by crews outside of Italy and without documents listed above, may be admitted with a declaration of conformity to the sports regulations issued by Competitors themselves to the Organizers and countersigned by them.

Sports Checks

Only the driver must be present at sports checks and show the following required documents:
Valid driving license
A.S.I./F.I.V.A. Member’s Card
Car insurance

Co-drivers will also be minors aged under 14 years, and not regularity licensed.

Conditions of registration

In case of cancellation of the crew notified by 20th January 2024 will be charged a penalty equal to 50% of the amount paid; beyond that date no refund will be recognized.

If the event could not take place due to unforeseen reasons of force majeure (example COVID-19, natural disaster), the amount paid by the crew will be kept valid for the next edition.

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